Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Candles for Spring and some new colours

Well it seems as though Spring is well and truly here. The sun is shining , the sky is blue and all the daffs and primroses are out and all is good with the world.

See our new egg candles - made of mottled wax but of course we can make any colour you like (although the mottled wax works best in a cream colour). These will go down well for Easter.

With all this talk of primroses we have a brand new Primrose Yellow candle - such a fresh, happy colour. This along with a new Purple, Peppermint Green, Lime Green, Peach and Raspberry.

Primrose Yellow


Peppermint Green



As always we can make any shape or size from our repertoire in the colour of your choice! We now have 37 colours to choose from as well as our colour matching service which is going really well, especially for brides who can't find the colour candles in the shops. I love to think that in a small way, we are part of their wedding day.

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Peach candle arrangement by Sharon of S Cooper Floral Design

Primrose Yellow 50mm Trio

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  1. Glad to see that business is going well for you. You have an awesome range of candles!


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